A six month conclusion.

As I lay back in my fathers house, the same one that he got once my mother and father broke up I have to give a thought to my life, and then I thought about how long I have been on this earth and the things that people around me have gone through. the past […]

Life is normal.

I’ve recently come to the understanding that life might not be like the fairy tale that I originally hoped it would be. I’d hoped a guy would whisk me off my feet, romance me and just give me a life of eternal happiness, but now, maybe not. Maybe life’s little romances and whisking you off […]

Call Of Duty

bribery is the only way for a girl to get attention around this time of year. Christmas? Bonfire night? Halloween? nope. Call of duty release, midnight trip to go & get it – for my company I got an eclair. For a day of almost peace an quiet was breakfast in bed. And for a […]