The end is almost here <3

#happymagicarp – Instagram. Well, I must say it’s been a fun 96 days, how do I know it’s been 96 days of fun? Well.. Let me start by telling you that I am almost at the end of the 100 Happy Days challenge and I think that it is by far the best thing that […]

#100happydays 1-10

so, Considering my current low self esteem and my current hate that I have for myself when I’m on my own I’ve decide that i am going to embark on this “really hard” challenge. simple To be happy.. For 100 days. Awesome. day one.. On the first day, obviously filled with over excitement and felt […]

Putting the bottle down.

I’m slowly learning that if something is wrong, I don’t have to cause myself huge amount of stress and sleepless nights. I can just change it. I’ve recently realised that whenever something goes wrong, I pick up the bottle. I either reach for the bottle of wine – minus the glass because it just causes […]