New job, new man, same me!

(1)let me start by first just saying, oh my God. What an absolute whirl wind on 6 weeks.. So its been six days today since I started my new job working in a hotel as a receptionist, and oh boy, has my life changed! —

Depression and Life.

Its not easy, some days might be better than others, but even those days aren’t easy. Life is a battle that happens every single day. Every single day there is a reason to carry on, and a reason to give up. Some days, the bad just stands out so much more obvious, life is hard. […]

It takes over.

So here I am, scouting through the same things all over Facebook, someones baby, someones pet going missing, someone hates mornings,  someone needs a lift somewhere – but is willing to pay petrol money. Same thing every day. But then, I came across this picture that I have attached. & I must say that I […]