Over the past weeks lessons.

Well, I am happy to be sat listening to Spotify, eating pasta and thinking about the past week or so and what I can take away from it – its been a hectic week or so (or at least it’s felt like one!) So I’m just gonna do a weeks worth all in one go!

Don’t be jealous when you don’t know if you need to be jealous –
Me, myself wouldn’t say I was the most confident person In the world, so when I heard at work we (yes, we work together) were getting a new receptionist, I panicked a bit, but when we’ve actually met her – I know I was just over reacting, so this lesson, is to not be jealous when you don’t need to.

Make time!
My partners life is a lot busier than mine, he’s so much more proactive! So without him realising sometimes we just dont get to see each other for a few days, but I’ve just started telling him when he’s booked for some time with me. Sunday lunch😘
Just an hour 😍

100 Lessons xx

100 Lessons x


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