Update on lessons :)

Day two – Be organised.

I must say, normally I am quite organised, but on Halloween. Oh my. I got myself so worked up because I wasn’t organised, had nothing to wear and had no time to prepare. I managed to get something sorted but wow was I in a mad frenzy!

Day 3 – Drink responsibly.

So, although I had an absolutely fantastic night, the next day I did not feel quite as fantastic. – always have a pint of water and something sustainable before bed!! Even if you do roll In at 5:30AM.

Day 4 – Sometimes people need forgiving.

So I’ve currently learnt that everyone does something wrong to someone, and there is either a choice to stay mad and lose a friend, or to let it go and notice the people that are there for you. I stopped being friends with one of my best friends after a trip to Ibiza last year, we didn’t end the holiday on good terms and hadn’t spoken for a year. We are currently rebuilding our friendship.

Day 5 – be wise with your money.

It’s the day before the day before payday – and I have just had to put a grand total of 3.50 into the car just to make sure that I can get to work and back tomorrow before I can fill the car up again..
Handing over that much change – although slightly embarrassing has learnt me this lesson. So, tomorrow I am going to write myself out a financial plan for the month a see how I go. Have literally no money really makes you think how much you are worth as a person( I do know that this isn’t the case, I’m just thinking from my own mind)

100 Lessons x

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