New job, new man, same me!

(1)let me start by first just saying, oh my God.
What an absolute whirl wind on 6 weeks..
So its been six days today since I started my new job working in a hotel as a receptionist, and oh boy, has my life changed!

I have just stumbled upon the top section of this post in a draft from two weeks ago, and I’m keeping it just because I think it’s going to show you a lesson! So, some of you may of done the “100 happy days challenge” if you haven’t, i strongly recommend you Google it and give it a go!

So, for the past week or so I have been thinking about a new challenge I should set myself. So then I thought, I’ve learnt so many lessons looking back on things and realised that in everything that happened, there was a lesson to be learnt.

So why not learn 100 lessons in 100 days..

So today’s lesson, was that you need to love yourself before anyone else can.

Crave your own company, make your bedroom your castle, gain your independence, love your life, make love, have love.


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