The end is almost here <3

– Instagram.

Well, I must say it’s been a fun 96 days, how do I know it’s been 96 days of fun?

Let me start by telling you that I am almost at the end of the 100 Happy Days challenge and I think that it is by far the best thing that I have ever done.

It has completely changed my outlook on life, the way I feel about things and the people that I surround myself with. I could also have a promotion by the time that we get to the end.

For the first time I feel like I am living my life the way that I want to, and for an amazing first time in my 22 years I can finally say that I am totally and utterly happy.
I am happy with my job.
I am happy with my friends.
I am happy with my family.
I am happy being single.
I am happy with literally every part of my life.

In the last 96 days I have managed to book and pay for a holiday that is only 62 days away [IBIZA BABY] and loose half a stone so that I don’t look like an elephant on the beach 😉

These have been the most amazing days that I think I have ever had. I am filled with emotions that I didn’t know I could feel, and I am slightly over whelmed at where I was when I started this challenge to how far I have come now.

Well done to me, deffo.

When my 100 days are finished I am going to do the same with people at work, working in retail is one of the most depressive jobs to have. I’m not exactly sure on the statistic but I do know it’s quiet high. If I can make an impact on this just in my store alone then who knows what I could do.

I feel invincible.

Thank you to anyone and everyone for any form of support that I have recived.

Every day may not be great, but there’s is something great in every day.


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