Is my word not good enough?

I think this just hit a nerve.

Terrible Poetry Feeds the Soul

Is my word not good enough?

Why would I lie?

Have I ever lied about this?

Have I ever denied this before?

I mean,

Yes I hid it,

Before I learned about:

Mental illness,


But then I admitted it,

To almost everyone,

“I have depression!”

And admitted,

Myself to the hospital,


To save my life.

So why would I lie about this?

Why would I say:

“I am not depressed,”

If I didn’t mean it?

Do you think that I can’t be trusted?

Yet I live hours away,

Do you think that I don’t see?

Everyone but you agrees.


Answer me this:

Why are my parents,

The only ones who think I am lying?

Even after my psychiatrist,


“you aren’t depressed,

It’s anxiety.”

You can’t accept that?

Why don’t you trust me?

The past four years,

Of me actively seeking help,

Mean nothing?

Why is my…

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