Having a hobbie

I know this might sound a bit strange, but just hear me out.

I’m 22, I work and I’ve just got out of an awful relationship.
Since I’ve now got my new found independance and my time back again, I’ve started to learn what I like to do, & amazingly what I’m good at.

I am a bit of a dap hand in the kitchen, and have excelled at that recently, from throwing a dinner party to making the pasta for the lasagne myself and having a go at making my first ever cheese cake for something important.

Having hobbies has made me have faith in myself.

Having a hobbie makes me feel like I’ve got a life again, and makes me feel like I’ve got my own thing that I can do on my own to unwind.

I’m 22.. I should of known all my positives already. I suppose if you live with negativity though it surrounds you and swallows your life.


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