#100happydays 1-10

Considering my current low self esteem and my current hate that I have for myself when I’m on my own I’ve decide that i am going to embark on this “really hard” challenge.

To be happy..
For 100 days.

day one..
On the first day, obviously filled with over excitement and felt like I could magically make my world happy..
& the local school has a gas leak, that’s all the children not going to school.
me being me decided to offer a hand to a dear friend and baby sit, next thing I know I’m stuck on my own 9am until 3.30pm with 3 small girls. Age 9, 7 and 6.

I had an amazing time. Those children were beautiful. And at the end of the day, PVA, paper, felt everything put away. They wrote words on paper that were so sweet.

Day one complete.

day two

So today I went from my best friend in the worlds house and came home after almost a week of being there. Came home, and had a swim in the tub and decide to have another go at finishing the 50 shades trilogy. I failed miserably. While I was swimming in the tub with my book, I was happy.
So there we go. That’s the best thing to happen to me all day, oh, and then I got into bed and found Henry. That was nice.

everyone should have a teddy bear.

20140212-114714 am.jpg

20140212-114721 am.jpg


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