Laying it on the line..

Saying I love you doesn’t do that though.
Love is just one emotion, and we’ve got so many. How can love just be the only emotion you feel when you’re with someone like that? It isn’t, not at all.
Because you’re always mad.
You’re always angry.
You know that you’d give them anything, and all you seem to want is their time.
Which makes you jealous.
Which makes you mad.
Which makes you scared because of all the fighting, what if they leave? Because you’re so scared to lose them.
Because you love them, because you’re mad that they might not feel the same.
And then it happens..
And you feel like you’ve lost half an arm, which makes you sad, which makes you lonely.
I mean, everyone likes having two arms. You feel complete. Cos you’re a full person. And Without the arm. You’re strange, you’re broken.
You even try to stitch it back when it’s dead. Because you want it to feel normal.
You want to feel normal.


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