Life is normal.

I’ve recently come to the understanding that life might not be like the fairy tale that I originally hoped it would be. I’d hoped a guy would whisk me off my feet, romance me and just give me a life of eternal happiness, but now, maybe not.

Maybe life’s little romances and whisking you off your feet doesn’t really happen. Maybe, maybe the true fairy tale is finding someone and being able to stay with them through thick and thin. Maybe it’s learning to work at it and not just give up. Maybe that’s the fairy tale.

Romance along the way is always a blessing, and I’d love someone to romance me with words and tea light candles, but I don’t see that happening to anyone that’s in reality. So why would it happen to me?

Maybe Derren living Nancy in hollyoaks is all a bit built up, I’ve never met anyone’s that’s done that for anyone. So maybe it’s make believe .

I also don’t see a beautiful princess stuck in the tallest tower in the castle at the end of the kingdom, guarded by a fire breathing dragon waiting to be rescued by her night in shining armour with men from all over the kingdom trying to free her, trying for true loves kiss, trying to have a happily ever after ending.

maybe maybe, the only part of this that’s real is the happily ever after.

maybe it’s not so easy, and maybe that’s the fairy tale. Maybe the fairy tale is having a love that amazing that when it falls apart you don’t just give up, you slay that dragon until you get to her.

Maybe dragons are just a metaphor for problems that we face, jealousy could be a dragon, paranoia, small arguments too.. They could be goblins. Who’s turn is it to wash up? Why have you left that there?

Every day is a battle.

But surely, once you’ve killed all the goblins and slain the dragon, then there should just be happiness? And maybe it takes years to rescue her.

but maybe she’s really worth it.

20140122-035504 pm.jpg


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