Laying it on the line..

Saying I love you doesn’t do that though. Love is just one emotion, and we’ve got so many. How can love just be the only emotion you feel when you’re with someone like that? It isn’t, not at all. Because you’re always mad. You’re always angry. You know that you’d give them anything, and all […]

Sing a song of strength

All that I’ve got – Rebecca Ferguson. I almost crumbled I almost fell I almost gave you everything under your spell You almost mattered You almost won You held my fears and weakness Took what you wanted But you’re leaving with nothing I’ll carry on, I’ll carry on I’ll carry on, I can Hope you […]

Putting the bottle down.

I’m slowly learning that if something is wrong, I don’t have to cause myself huge amount of stress and sleepless nights. I can just change it. I’ve recently realised that whenever something goes wrong, I pick up the bottle. I either reach for the bottle of wine – minus the glass because it just causes […]

Life is normal.

I’ve recently come to the understanding that life might not be like the fairy tale that I originally hoped it would be. I’d hoped a guy would whisk me off my feet, romance me and just give me a life of eternal happiness, but now, maybe not. Maybe life’s little romances and whisking you off […]

Over whelmed.

I’m over whelmed by waiting, waiting for what? Waiting to be told that ‘everything will be okay’. I don’t know how someone can say that when they only see a glimpse of your life. They only know the things you tell them, and the reason that you’re talking to them in the first place – […]