Call Of Duty

bribery is the only way for a girl to get attention around this time of year.
Christmas? Bonfire night? Halloween? nope.

Call of duty release, midnight trip to go & get it – for my company I got an eclair.

For a day of almost peace an quiet was breakfast in bed.

And for a night of ‘quiet but I’ll have my head set on’ a romantic bonfire night with the in-laws.

I mean, maybe I just don’t understand the hype about it, or having breasts and a vagina means I can’t get to the pad in the right way, or because my hormones are so raging I don’t want to shoot anyone I just want to cuddle them & have a bit I a chat.

All I know is that for at least a week all I’m going to hear is guns, kill streak congratulatory comments, snipers and the occasional swearing when things go wrong.

happy CODmas..



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