Stepping stones..

bit by bit I am getting there. I am getting to the place where I need to be in my own mind.

I’m not going to stay how easy life is, and that’s it’s easy to over come things that you have to deal with – and you do, have to deal with them that is. I learnt that the hard way. Not coping with things, ignoring them, and sweeping them under the carpet until it’s like walking over a hill in your home.. All that does is make your own life harder & then everyday becomes a struggle, walking over mountains of escaped problems..

I had to take time out of life for a few weeks, just to kick the bad habits.. Drink, drugs and some days not even vetting out of bed. I had to kick them so that I could simple see the mess that I had made all over my house with these problems under my floor boards, in my cupboards, everywhere.

I dismantled my mountain.

I got my sweeping brush out (I mean more like a forklift truck) and got rid of my problems. I talked them through, did that whole ‘write them a letter & don’t post it’ thing, but in the end the only thing to keep me sane and to keep my mind healthy is to get rid of the people that are causing these mountains.

& I have. I haven’t talked to my mountain in weeks, and not one bad thing has happened since then.

I’m getting a promotion after Christmas.

My ‘love life’ seems to be sticking together – almost anyway.

But I am done, I am done with people that bring me down – if they bring me down, they are out. Ka-pishe?


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