Healthy life style change – 6 week plan.

The next six weeks are going to change my life – and I’m going to talk about it here, not that anyone will read it – but as my own personal space that I can see how much progress I make and see how much my opinion on things change.

There’s a few things I’m going </em. To change, not that I need to change, I’m going to keep a positive mind on this and not stick my mind into negativity.

what I’m doing is good, positive and maybe life changing!
My overall goals in this are to lose about half a stone, I know it’s not that much but when you have to force yourself away from the crisp bag in the cupboard and then the chocolates at work and the take always on those long days.. Mmmm. Take aways.

So here’s how this is going to go!

step by step

To start with, how about we do this plan by each week? So I’ll start this on Monday and this will be the start of the first week.

So on Monday I won’t eat crisps again & crisps are my downfall, that and biscuits with a brew.. But none of them.

I’ll still eat the way that I eat now, but small changes are what’s going to make a difference for the time being so that it’s not so over powering.

the second week
put that lighter down! this week is the week that I’m GOING to stop smoking. I am GOING to stop smoking.

I need to not think that smoking is missing out on something, it’s not, it’s great to not smoke. I’ll save a fortune, I’ll be healthier.
looking forward to it!

In the third week I’ll start my exercising!
We have badminton rackets so were ready for that. Twice a week is what we are going to do. Just to start with..

I have 3 weeks after that to keep at everything that I’ve said, and I’ll see how I feel when all that kicks in. I cann’y wait!


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