No smoking..

So I’ve been smoke free for a few days. I feel like I could almost be turning bipolar. I’m eating everything in site. But aiming to stay within my limits. I don’t know what I would do without an iPhone.. So Manu useful apps, games to play when I have a craving. apps to see […]


I have no idea what I’m doing, with anything. but the fact I have him there to help me understand what I’m doing, and we can both learn at the same time I think Is amazing. I cannot wait to make all the mistakes that I’m going to make, but knowing that he will be […]


Sometimes, sometimes life can be so hard. sometimes everything in the world can go against you and you have no idea of how to cope with anything. but sometimes, everything seems to go right. Sometimes you meet that one person, love of your life best friend , no, soul mate. They are irritating, they are […]