Giving them up

Could be the hardest thing, well not really, but I never have been one that’s found it easy to say no to things! Which I suppose is why it’s no surprise I’m a smoker, drinker, chocolate eater at any opportunity..
Why am I quitting?

Money. Pure and simply, money.
I hate being broke all the time.
£3.56 for a ten pack of cigs, fortune.

And I guess my health will get better, even though I’m replacing smoking with any form of food that seems to get in me eye line. Trips to the cupboards and fridge are the worst. Normally there’s nothing there, but not now. Now I can always find something..

I’m 1 week into stopping, and I’m currently weighing in at about 141 lbs, I’m 5ft 7 so it’s not that bad.

I guess putting on a few pounds can’t balm me too much.


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